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Relationship / Result

Planet has been J-B Weld’s Agency-of-Record since 2020.


J-B Weld has been in American toolboxes for over 50 years, earning the World’s Strongest Bond claim by standing up to the toughest jobs. But while generations of tuner-uppers and tinkerers have used J-B Weld adhesives for auto repairs and metalworking, the dozens-strong product line has a household’s worth of uses outside the garage, too.

Our client challenge was to help move beyond the toolbox by showing DIYers that J-B Weld’s products belong in the pantry, junk drawer, and craft closet, too. Since the brand’s awareness among less-experienced and younger DIYers is much lower than among old pros, our first campaign featured a range of relatable can-doers using a slew of J-B Weld products. In a series of TV ads, an encouraging sidekick urged each DIYer to “be your strongest self” with J-B Weld—turning their tagline into words of encouragement. The campaign’s success paves the way for J-B Weld to scale beyond their core base and become a beloved brand for a wide range of burgeoning DIYers.