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We go way back with the folks at Ale Asylum Brewing, so we jumped at the chance to help them create and launch a premium hard seltzer. As we learned about the craft and care they were putting into their product, we resolved to create a brand to match.

Stray Forth is crafted for the mindful drinking crowd, those who favor quality over quantity. The college kids can have their White Claw, but Stray Forth drinkers prefer inspiration over inebriation. From its inviting name, to its enchanting cans, to its whimsical flavor combos, Stray Forth is imbued with a uniquely adventurous spirit that we’ve helped bring to life.



Planet has been an equity partner in Stray Forth since its 2019 launch. The brand saw immediate local success with hundreds of accounts carrying the product, and expansion into surrounding areas.

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