Clairvoyant Corrisa

We see greatness ahead for our newest account supervisor, Corrisa Terrien.

We’d like everyone to give a warm and hearty welcome to the newest member of our Account team: Corrisa “I was actually pretty cool in middle school” Terrien. Corrisa joins us from a bevy of other Wisco shops, including Shine United and Madison Avenue Worldwide, where she worked up all the necessary skills to do some serious account supervising on our Jersey Mike’s account.

And what else does Corrisa supervise? Well, for one, her landing on Planet Propaganda raised the official Planeteer Cat Count to 14 with the addition of Ruby, a frequenter of our #puppies-n-kitties Slack channel. When Ruby’s not causing distractions with her adorableness, Corrisa enjoys arts & crafts, spending time with friends & family, and also being literally psychic, apparently. We’re not sure how that affects the job, but we’ve gotta assume that’s a win for us.

Corrisa claims tacos and ice cream are her favorite foods, but tends to include the disclaimer, “separately”. Which begs the question: Corrisa, are you sure you don’t want a choco taco? (If you’re reading this just let us know.) Corrisa may have said answering our new-hire Q&A was her toughest task to date here at Planet, but for the rest of us, making a new friend in Corrisa has been truly the easiest.

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