Mishi Minds the Money

Mishi Khalid joins our finance team, and serves as our unofficial Planet party photographer.

We feel pretty darn lucky to have found a fantastic Assistant Financial Controller, Mishi Khalid, who also stepped in to serve as the unofficial agency photographer at staff events. Her persistently cheery spirit works wonders in getting a (sometimes reluctant) group of Planeteers to cheese for the camera.

Mishi grew up in Pakistan, and, after getting married, moved to the US and finished her undergraduate degree in business administration. Before joining us, she worked as an accountant at Denise Quade Design. At Planet, she’s responsible for the day-to-day billing and financial operations, ensuring that all the money in and money out are making sense.

Though Mishi’s adept at counting beans from 9 to 5, her evenings and weekends contain a plethora of pursuits:

What’s your favorite hobby?

I enjoy photography a lot because it allows me to express and bring out the beauty in my surroundings.

What’s a DIY skill you learned during COVID?

I started exploring acrylic and pastel paints during the pandemic and discovered painting as a very relaxing and fun activity. I am looking forward to exploring geode resin art next.

If you had a totally free weekend to be a tourist in your own city, what would you do around Madison?

I would love to hike and explore nature, with my husband and son!

What’s your favorite sport to play?

I loved horseback riding as a child. I would be terrible now but dream of someday polishing up on that skill again.

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