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How Home Improvement Brands Can Connect with the New Generation of COVID-Compelled DIYers

Last March, our previously-packed calendars were wiped clean of potlucks, pro sports, and spring break getaways. To fill the void, many folks turned to home improvement projects, trading in their concert tickets for cans of paint, and dinner reservations for drill bits.

In fact, 77% of people in 2020 took on at least one home improvement project—everything from light gardening to full-scale remodels—up from 68% in 2019.

For DIY brands—retailers / hardware and CPG manufacturers—it is imperative to understand what to expect from consumers as things slowly return to normal. While the DIY surge may have been sparked by a specific, temporary historical event, we may be witnessing the emergence of a new generation of DIY enthusiasts who plan to continue their DIYing—if their newfound passion is properly nurtured.

This summer, we surveyed 400+ of these newly-energized DIYers and then spoke to a subset of them to understand their behaviors, motivations, and future plans. In our new original research report, we pull back the curtain on some surprising learnings about the COVID-compelled home DIYer, including:

  • Their shift away from projects spurred by necessity or cost-savings
  • The personality types of the DIYer, and how they shape their approach, choice of projects, category opportunities, and future intentions
  • The pace of growth in skills and project complexity that keeps DIYers motivated (and buying!)
  • The role DIY plays in relationship development and self-expression
  • The factors that could reverse this DIY boom if brands don’t adapt post-COVID

To discover a lot of good news for brands in this sector, some challenges that lie ahead, and strategies you can employ today that will help your brand continue to grow for years to come, view and download our report here.

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