Jimmy John's Sandwiches

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Relationship / Results

Planet was Jimmy John’s agency-of-record for six pivotal years, helping them grow from 29 to 800 stores.


When Planet began working with Jimmy John’s in 1999, they were a regional, college campus sub shop known for an irreverent spirit and—uncommon at the time—delivery. After growing to 29 stores, they wanted to establish a brand foundation that would build on their fervent local fanbase, and set them apart as they moved to a bigger stage.

Jimmy John’s sandwiches were top-notch, but competitors had already staked their claim in the “fresh ingredients” messaging battle. Yet no one could beat them on speed of delivery—thanks to the company’s uber-efficient assembly line prep process. Planet helped establish the “Freaky Fast” inherent truth (and tagline), which gave Jimmy John’s a unique and appealing market positioning.

The mantra helped drive business and operational decisions like their limited delivery radius, and their emphasis on cold subs and other quick-prep menu items. The “Freaky Fast” playbook, and the often off-kilter advertising we created for them, drove rapid scale, growing the brand to 800 stores when our relationship wrapped up.


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