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The original 5-state launch campaign exceeded KPI goals by 5X, and the brand is now available in 31 states.


Pernod Ricard wanted to authentically reach heartland consumers with their American-made Smithworks Vodka launch. We shared our perspective that the heartland isn’t a demographic, it’s a point of view focused on family, friends, loyalty, and simplicity. To reach the heartland drinker, they needed an approach that differed from the hard-partying, “me”-centered positioning of club land vodka brands.

To compete with industry-leading Tito’s, Smithworks tapped in to the communal values of the heartland and focused on shared moments between family and friends. Brand imagery and copywriting highlighted those traits that make the heartland special. We imbued Smithworks with the true Spirit of the Heartland, which became both a tagline and a guiding light for everything the brand’s done since. Smithworks’ expansion from five launch states to 31 states today is proof that they’ve captured the spirit, and wallets, of heartland drinkers.

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